GoBusiness17: Cambodia’s world record attempt to promote SMEs (video)

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The role that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have played in reshaping Cambodia’s economy cannot be overlooked  and it certainly hasn’t been by the country’s leadership… in fact it wants more people to start their own businesses

In a bid to promote entrepreneurship among Cambodian youth its Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) along with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT), and the Japan Social Safety Net Fund (JSSNF) have launched a campaign called GoBusiness17.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among Cambodia’s youths about how entrepreneurship has helped the economy, as well as the benefits of starting a business of their own. To help spread the message the MoEYS has put together a video featuring young Cambodian entrepreneurs and is attempting to wrestle a Guinness World Record for the largest practical business seminar in the process.

In the video above Cambodia Minister for Education, Youth and Sports, Hang Chuon Naron, tells Cambodian youth “that everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. It is our responsibility to give youth the opportunity to explore their potential and to prepare them for what might be ahead.”

The message is reinforced several times over by Cambodian entrepreneurs who took the big decision and stepped out to follow their convictions and begin their own business.

According to Kouch Pheng, vice president of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC), the future of the country is in the hands of Cambodia’s young entrepreneurs. Cambodia youth “are transforming the nation’s economy and creating innovative and rewarding places to work”, he adds.

Also highlighting the benefits of a strong SME base driven by local entrepreneurs is the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) country coordinator for Cambodia, Tun Siphon, who says that the jobs created by entrepreneurial-driven Cambodia SMEs is important for growing the economy and developing the country.

To help raise entrepreneurial awareness among Cambodian youth, the organisors behind GoBusiness17 in cojunction with the ILO are hosting a ‘practical business seminar’ in Buildings A, B and C at the Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICX) in Phnom Penh on August 24 between 7.45am and 1.00pm which they hope to snare a Guinness World Record for.

To this end they have invited more than 3,000 youth aged between 15 – 29 to participate in a one day event at which participants will be introduced to a variety of resources available to them, as well as hear from speakers, particularly successful Khmer entrepreneurs, followed by participatory small group activities.

The current Guinness World Record for the largest practical business seminar was set on November 19, 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia, by Yohanes E. Pauly at the Grand Ballroom of Gajah Mada Plaza. stands at 1,231 people

It doesn’t end with just a nice video and a Guinness World Record attempt though. Continuing forward GoBusiness17 will be using social media outreach to connect with Cambodian entrepreneurs and Khmer youth with entrepreneurial spirit with training opportunities, support, more.


Featured video: MoEYS





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