A look at what makes Singapore airlines the best airline in the world (HD video)

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According to a recent ranking by AirHelp, a company that helps passengers receive compensation from airlines, Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the world. Hardly much news in that. Not taking anything away from the coveted title, but there is rarely a list these days, especially in Southeast Asia, that Singapore does not top.

After setting the standards locally for Asean, Singapore is now demonstrating on the global stage that size doesn’t always matter, with the title of Singapore Airlines’ title as the best airline in the world being just the latest ‘world’s best’ bestowed on the city-state, or one of its public or private organisations.

But what exactly makes Singapore Airlines the best airline in the world? Funny that you should ask that. It just so happens that just days ahead of AirHelp anointing Singapore Airlines as the best airline in the world, a freshly minted documentary by the inquisitive people at Discovery Channel taking a close look behind the scenes at what makes Singapore Airlines the best airline in the world was uploaded to YouTube.

Inside Singapore Airlines follows a number of Singapore airline employees – a pilot, a flight attendant, a station manager, food and beverage managers, and maintenance men – as they go about their daily routines. In doing so, the documentary shines a light on the passenger-centred and  detail-oriented company culture that saw AirHelp jettisoning previous all-time first place holder Quatar Airways to third position, behind behind fellow Gulf State airline, Etihad Airways.

According to the documentary, Singapore Airlines cuts no corners in achieving passengers’ comfort. Food and beverage managers taste every meal in conditions simulating those on aircraft, and frequently inspect the kitchen to make sure the meals are prepared correctly. The airline’s product innovation team shows a similar attention to detail, making sure every part of the cabin is well-designed.

Inside Singapore Airlines also highlights employees going above and beyond to smooth out any wrinkles in passengers’ travel experiences. Passengers who are late for their connecting flights are upgraded to business class, and those that miss their connections entirely are provided quality accommodation at no cost, the documentary highlights.

Even maintenance crew members, who don’t directly interact with passengers, are portrayed as conducting their work with passengers constantly on their mind; One employee explaining that they perform plane maintenance meticulouslys to ensure the safety of passengers.

Rigorous training for flight and cabin crew further ensures that passengers will have a safe and comfortable flying experience, with training  designed to not only teach new, or hone existing skills, but also structured and delivered in a manner which imparts a sense of belonging in the company culture.

With a company-wide ethos of customer service as depicted in the documentary above, Singapore Airlines is a worthy recipient of the ‘best airline in the world’ award.

Singaporeans should be especially proud of its national flag carrier garnering the title of Singapore Airlines, the Best Airline in the World, but not much less proud should be all of Asean.

For Asean’s only other ranked airline in the AirHelp Winter 2016/17 top airlines worldwide list, Thai Airways International (Thai) in 57th position, in addition to the regions other carriers, this is the standard that needs to met.



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