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Video travel blogger Benn Tkalcevic has built up quite a following on YouTube due to the spectacular videos of his travels around the world over the past two years, and his latest production, Cambodia – Land of spectacular ruins, is no less awesome than those which precede it.

Traveling through Siem Reap, Koh Rong, Kampot, and Phnom Penh, Mr Tkalcevic’s latest HD travel video captures the stunning scenery of Cambodia, as well as the infectious optimism of the Khmer people who despite years of suffering and hardship still manage to smile.

In what is probably the best travel video advertisement for Cambodia you will see this year, Cambodia – Land of spectacular ruins features stunning videography, outstanding editing, and a perfectly matched soundtrack (even better through a subwoofer) to capture the natural beauty, ancient history, and optimistic future of Cambodia and its people. It’s the sort of video that advertising agencies get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, often missing the mark.

In less than five minutes Cambodia – Land of spectacular ruins captures the present and future of Cambodia.

School children of the Tonle Sap River communities dressed in white shirts paddling their way to school and glimpses of the country’s mushrooming tourism industry are interspersed with thoughtfully cut vision of the Siem Reap ruins of the once mighty and powerful Angkor temples of the Khmer Empire (also known as Yasodharapura) dating back to the late 9th century AD (some 1,100 years ago).

In amongst Cambodia’s natural beauties, ancient history, and optimistic, friendly, and accommodating people, glimpses of the country’s rawness and ‘work in progress’ nature can also be seen seen. Villages struggling to become towns, towns becoming cities, but lacking the resources for vital necessities such as drainage systems and sealed roads.

Cambodia – Land of spectacular ruins captures the innocence of youth, the wisdom of old age, and the resolve and fortitude of the Khmer people so well that the only thing better than watching this video is experiencing Cambodia. If there’s one travel video on Cambodia you watch this year, this should be it.


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