Traffic snarls no problem for Singapore’s rapid deployment troops (HD video)

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The five-month-long battle to recapture Marawi in the Philippines after Islamic militants stormed the city serves to adequately highlight the need for the rapid deployment of security forces at times of threat.

However, the increasing numbers of vehicles being added to already heavily congested roads on a daily basis — along with an unwillingness by many drivers in Asean to yield for emergency service vehicles — is making it increasingly difficult for the rapid deployment of specialised security forces in Asean’s largest cities.

While Singapore’s road traffic management policies help reduce congestion in the city center, outside of the central business district congestion can still occur.

For Singapore’s Rapid Deployment Troops (RDTs), a highly trained unit of the Singapore Police under the Special Operations Command (SOC), the answer to rapid deployment is a fleet of high performance Tactical Response Motorcycles (TRMs).

Established in April 2016 to strengthen the Singapore Police Force’s anti-terrorism capabilities and better manage public security and order incidents, the RDTs first became operational in July 2016 and are the second wave of response, in support of the first wave response by Singapore Police’s Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) and Land Division officers.

The RDT force comprises three groups: Anti-Crime Patrol, Public Security, and Public Order. Equipped with the latest tools to do their job, RDT kit comprises a full face motorcycle helmet, eye protection, a bullet resistant vest, ballistic helmet, and knee pads, an FN Scar (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle)-L 5.56mm assault rifle, HK 69 grenade launchers, a 9mm HK USP (Universal Self-Loading Pistol), a locally designed and constructed non-lethal projectile firing rifle known as the Pava P4.1, and a tactical shield. All up, about 25kg (about 55lbs).

The pièce de résistance though is their 11700 cc BMW R1200GS motorbikes. Listing for a cool S$46,000 (US$34,000) on the showroom floor and capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h (0-62.13mph) in 3.75 seconds, the TRMs can reach speeds of up to 210.5 km/h  (131mph).

The video above shows some some of the training and capabilities of this elite Singapore security force, while for those who want to know more about Singapore’s Rapid Deployment Troops (RDTs) we’ve included the video below.

Singapore Rapid Deployment Troops 2017
Video uploaded to YouTube by: trafficspore


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