Catoptrophobic Vietnamese hacker stuns Thai netizens (video)

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Catoptrophobia and spectrophobia are two words used to describe a fear of mirrors, but the actions of the Vietnamese motor scooter rider in the video above takes the phobia to a new level.

In the disturbing video a man riding a motor scooter, believed to be somewhere in northern Vietnam, is seen cruising through the traffic hacking the external mirrors off of cars with what appears to be a large machete.

The catoptrophobic Vietnamese hacker is doggedly pursued on his destructive rampage by the anonymous videoographer, apparently unconcerned by the ancient belief in some societies that breaking a mirror will garner seven years of bad luck .

According to Thai netizens where the clip was posted, the catoptrophobic Vietnamese hacker is fortunate it was Vietnam where he conducted his mirror amputation campaign and not Thailand.

‘If it’s my car he is dead’, commented one poster, while another asked: ‘Why nobody shoot him?’. Others questioned how it was possible for the man to travel so far and attack so many cars when Vietnamese traffic police and other uniformed and plain clothes security officials are ordinarily more numerous on street corners than flies around a fish carcass left in the midday heat.

Another thing amazing many Thai commentators was: ‘why no one knock him over?’.

Despite being caught on camera hacking the external mirrors off of at least five cars, not a single occupant got out of their vehicle, or attempted to take offensive action against the perpetrator. An unlikely scenario if in Thailand, or many other countries.

AEC News Today has not been able to locate a news announcement of where or when the catoptrophobic Vietnamese hacker above struck, whether it is a one off event or a regular occurrence, or whether any of the affected drivers bothered to make a police report over the incident.

Coming hot on the heals of the video earlier this week showing the nonchalance of Vietnam road users in Hanoi to what is possibly Vietnam’s Most Inconsiderate Road User, and we can’t help feeling that the catoptrophobic Vietnamese hacker is still out there waiting to continue his mirror amputating campaign.



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