Candle Parade disruption! Netizens peeved at funky temple dance (video)

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Thai netizens are up in arms over a video showing what appears to be Thai university students performing a mock Buddhist Lent (Khao Phansa) Candle Parade ceremony inside the grounds of a Buddhist temple.

The original video was posted on Facebook over the weekend by user ‘B.Pichit‘, and has quickly been reproduced on numerous other social media sites, with the vast majority of comments from Thais unflattering and critical of those involved.

Thailand’s Candle Parade is an annual event that dates back to the reign of King Rama V when the governor at the time decided that the rocket festival was too dangerous. An important annual religious festival since, the candle parade signifies the beginning of a three month period during the height of the wet season when monks are meant to stay confined to their temples.

Nothing is known about the lively candle parade shown above — which we’ve edited from the original — but clearly the presence of a monk looking out on the proceedings would indicate the performance was done with temple approval.

None-the-less the vitriol from some Thai netizens seems to know no limits with words such as disrespectful, degenerate, and sinister liberally punctuating comments, while some Thai netizens see the funky candle parade as a further example of the degeneration and decay of the Thai education system.

To each their own we say. If it takes some thumping music and a big brass band to get people to focus on an event then why not? There’s enough oppression in Thailand without dampening the enthusiasm and exuberance of youth.

In the meantime take a disruptive look at (not) the 2018 Thailand Candle Parade from a youthful perspective.

If we find out more about this dazzling performance we’ll update this story.



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