Is this Vietnam’s most inconsiderate road user? *updated

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When it comes to self-centred, arrogant, rude, discourteous, inconsiderate road users it is difficult to go past this Hanoi, Vietnam motor scooter rider. If there is a more inconsiderate road user in Vietnam we are yet to see proof.

In the dash cam video above a vehicle drives slow past a uniformed person attempting to keep the traffic flowing along what appears to be a major Hanoi road. The vehicle makes little progress however, its path blocked by a woman stopped on a motor scooter in the middle of the road, talking on her mobile phone.

After a couple of toots of the vehicles’  horn fails to get the woman to move, the unidentified foreign driver gets out of the vehicle and after a few words fails to get this rider to move, attempts to push the woman and her motor scooter out of the traffic way; his efforts lifting the rear of the bike, as the stubborn, inconsiderate motor scooter owner squeezes on the brake levers.

Even after the foreigner wrenches the mobile phone from the inconsiderate road user’s hand, she still refuses to yield the motorway to motorists; the foreign driver eventually dragging the motor scooter around and dragging it and its inconsiderate owner towards the curb, the front brake locked by the grasp of its owner.

Just as the foreigner can be seen returning to his vehicle after after cleared the roadway a Vietnamese traffic cop can be seen walking into the video, waving his baton at the foreign-driven vehicle, now blocking the traffic flow. Meanwhile Hanoi’s most inconsiderate road user can be seen sitting on her scooter, still talking on her mobile phone.


Update: This story was last updated at 20:30 on November 3, 2017:
According to local media reports the incident in the video above occurred on Kim Ma Street in Hanoi on October 27. Vietnamese Traffic Police had tried to stop the woman riding the motor scooter for running a red light. She refused to yield and instead sat in the middle of the road videoing the police. The Vietnamese traffic police, as can be seen from the video, apparently were happy to let the woman video them from the middle of the road until the expat, identified as a Finnish national named Waldo, took things into his own hands.



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One Response to "Is this Vietnam’s most inconsiderate road user? *updated"

  1. Agave   November 2, 2017 at 11:55 am

    This type of behavior is commonplace around Hanoi. I had seen guys parking their motorbikes in the middle of a 3-way intersection so they could go urinate in the shrubs in the median of the road. This type of behavior is one of the most self-centered behavior in the world. May be there is a connection between the political and education system with the behavior. Surely the study of this will be a gold mine for psychologists.


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