Taiwanese animators and the Duterte administration: the first 60 days (video)

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Taiwanese animators have perfectly captured the first two months of the Duterte administration.

A recent video from Taiwanese Animators recently uploaded to Youtube depicts well the happenings in the Philippines in the first 60 days of the Duterte administration. Depicting the Duterte administration as being run by an unpredictable, colorful individual in the person of President Rodrigo Duterte depicted as a circus clown.

The Philippines under the Duterte administration has figured more prominently in the international media for its  domestic and foreign policies in the last 60 days than for a long time.

The Duterte administration’s bloody war on illegal drugs and Mr Duterte’s desire to ally with China and Russia and turn its back on America have attracted international attention, with foreign business leaders now beginning to comment publicly about their concern for the future.

While there is strong local support for Mr Duterte’s policies, the Philippine leader’s foul mouth and unconventional ways of governance are leading the Philippines to a bleak and uncertain future.

According to some people the Philippines is on its way to becoming pariah state. Others point to a bleak economic outlook under the Duterte administration.

The video, which has gone viral over the Internet, first shows the Philippine leader leading a bunch of clowns on their way to kill drug suspects, apparently referring to the bloody war he is waging against illegal drugs. Mr Duterte and his henchmen are seen running after and shooting drug personalities and dancing with glee after ‘killing’ several of them.

Accompanying the video is a narration that says,” After finagling his way into the presidency, he’s taken his executions nationwide with his anti-drug campaign, which has left more than 3,000 suspected drug users and dealers dead since taking over in June.”

The video then mockingly turns to Mr Duterte’s foul mouth and his desire to align with Russia and China. (See: Foul-Mouthed Duterte: Goodbye POTUS, Hello Huangyan Island)

Mr Duterte is seen hurling invectives at Pope Francis, the United States, and United Nations, while at the same time fawning over China and Russia, who are dangling the offer of weapons and other assistance to bring the Philippines to their side.

‘Duterte likes to talk tough but he carries a little stick. His mouth has been writing checks his country can’t cash. This moron thinks his allies are his enemies, and that he can trust countries like China and Russia,’ the narration further states.

The video insinuates that the Chinese are fooling Mr Duterte into believing that they are ready to share the disputed South China Sea with the Philippines.

The video also compares Mr Duterte to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and hints that he should be taken out of the scene before he does more damage.

‘Someone needs to just take this Kim Jong-un wannabe out and soon, before he really does some irreparable damage to the Philippines. Maybe it’s time he gets a little taste of his own medicine,’ the narration concluded.

The Duterte administration has not yet made a comment on the animation.



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