About Asean News Today

About Asean News Today
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Asean News Today is the reincarnation of AEC News Today, which commenced publishing ahead of the establishment of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) in 2015.  At the time of its closure in July 2020 AEC News Today was attracting some 730,000 unique human visitors a month viewing more than 2.1 million pages or stories. It was ranked as the 76,181st most visited website globally.

For a small, independent publisher, the numbers were extremely impressive, showing that the concept of a regionally focused online publication concentrating on policies, not politics, and governance, not government was tapping a market previously ignored.

Its reputation for breaking news stories, together with the transparent manner in which it rapidly updated and corrected errors, saw it develop respect from its readership for accuracy and accountability during a period when the journalism and publishing industry globally was besieged.

Asean Publishers have purchased the AEC News Today title, along with the rights to its intellectual property.

Due to the rich historical record that they provide for each country in the region, along with development throughout the region itself during the 2015-2020 period, the new owner(s) are committed to keeping the original AEC News Today content — some 10,700 stories and more than 7,900 photos — online while they reinvigorate the title.

Initially the majority of new content will be sourced from reputable third-party sources as we build our own capacity, including building a stable of accurate and reliable contributors and remote full time staff.

Asean news on demand

The previous hand curated individual country and Asean morning news roundups have been replaced by RSS feed aggregating titled Asean news headlines. While not as good as the previous hand-curated aggregations, the Asean news headlines section updates every 30 minutes, with our servers scraping the latest news each time someone accesses the page.

We follow as many reputable and reliable services as possible for each Asean member country, including embassy and government feeds, to provide you with as complete a snapshot of events happening in the region as possible. If you see that we are not including a particular RSS, send us a quick message using the contact form.

Going forward our editorial focus will remain on topics such as healthcare, education, governance, security, infrastructure, technology, business, investment, property, and leisure as it relates to or involves the Asean Community, as well as broader issues such as events in the South China Sea, and GMS / CLMVT.

We will continue to supplement our tightly written text with large size photos (double click to see the full size 1120 x 860 image) as well as video where possible.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

No AI-generated videos or photos are used on this site.

Mobile app

The purchase of the AEC News Today website also included the mobile app for Android and for iOS.

Including emergency messaging alert and text to speech, the AEC News Today mobile app is without doubt one of the best news apps available. Over the coming weeks it will be rebranded to reflect the masthead change.

We recognise the difficulties of beginning a new title in the midst of a global pandemic when travel is highly restricted. We do so though after seeing the rapidly deteriorating global clampdown on personal freedoms, of which a free and unhindered media are a vital component. We hope the analysis

If you would like to contribute to Asean News Today we would love to hear from you.

To help we’ve put together these Submission Guidelines, along with our Code of Ethics that all of our staff and contributors must abide by.

After reading, see here to contact us.

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