King cobra v python battle royal at NTU (video)

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Nanyang Technological University (NTU)  is one of the two largest public and autonomous universities in Singapore offering graduate and undergraduate courses in a range of disciplines. Surrounded by lush tropical foliage the campus is home to a variety of wildlife which generally co-exist harmoniously.

However, as is not unusual where different species are thrust together tensions sometimes simmer over and that’s exactly what happened when a king cobra and a reticulated python bumped into each other near the Research Techno Plaza (RTP) on Thursday, August 27.

As the king cobra V python battle royal took place in front of students with cars and buses miraculously avoided the duo it wasn’t long before this, like any disruption to peace and order in Singapore, was brought to the attention of authorities.

While the king cobra managed to make a quick getaway into the nearby bush before NTU pest controllers arrived the reticulated python, who appeared somewhat worse for fear as a result of the battle with its larger, venomous opponent, was nabbed as it attempted to make its own somewhat slower escape from the scene of the fracas.

According to NTU the other combatant was later also captured by a pest control team who said it would be taken to Singapore zoo where a king cobra v python rematch is not expected to take place.



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