Thailand morning news for January 6

Thailand morning news for January 6
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Thailand morning news

Drunk driving no.1 crime this New Year season
Courts processed 9,179 traffic cases during the seven dangerous days of the New Year holidays, with drunk driving the most common instance where both adults and youths were involved.

PM to head command centre to tackle drought
At their meeting on Tuesday, the cabinet is expected to approve the establishment of a command centre and associated budget to tackle drought.
— Thai PBS News

Thailand offers reward for information on stolen sea turtle eggs
Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park chief Prarop Plangngarn said on Saturday he would reward those providing information on the stolen eggs of Thailand’s rare sea turtle. He also warned that the culprits will face maximum penalty.

Rice exports struggle to hit 8m tonnes
Rice exports may fall below 8 million tonnes for 2019, with this year’s prospects still uncertain because of a slew of risk factors such as the continued strong baht, natural disasters and emerging new rice exporters like Myanmar and China.
— Bangkok Post

Online app will enable volunteers to monitor Thailand’s ‘hazardous’ farm chemicals
Thailand’s Department of Disease Control and mobile phone service providers AIS are launching an online application to enable health volunteers and officials to monitor farmers’ use of the hazardous herbicide paraquat, and pesticides glyphosate and chlorpyrifos.
— The Thaiger

Urgent meeting on Monday over seawater intrusion into Chao Phraya River
The Office of National Water Resources will hold an urgent meeting on Monday, with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) and related agencies, to address the intrusion of seawater into the Chao Phraya River. The influx is threatening the production of tap water for consumers in Bangkok and its suburbs.
— Thai PBS News

Thailand has policy room to handle baht gains
Thailand has room to use fiscal and monetary measures to manage the strength of the baht but there is no need to use tax measures yet, the country’s finance minister said on Friday.
— Business Recorder

Three Arrested in Thailand for Trafficking Lao Minors
Thai police have arrested three Lao nationals for trafficking five minors from Laos into prostitution.
— The Laotian Times

Online sale, new routes ‘will lead to boom in drug trade’
While the economy still shows no sign of pulling out of last year’s tepid growth, the one industry that may see a real boom in 2020 is the drug trade.
— Bangkok Post

Thailand aims to export 100,000 legal workers this year
The Ministry of Labour has set a target of sending at least 100,000 Thai workers to legal employment in other countries, allowing workers to improve their skills before implementing those for national development upon their return.
— Newsline (video)

Environment Minister heartened by criticism of obscured images of plastic bags on TV
People are aware of the nationwide campaign against the use of plastic bags and are increasingly using cloth bags for shopping.
— Newsline (video)

Cabinet approves water command centre
The cabinet is expected to approve the formation of a water management command centre on Tuesday, spokeswoman Narumon Pinyosinsawat said on Sunday.
— Bangkok Post

Anutin calls for calm over viral outbreak
Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has urged people not to panic over the outbreak of a mysterious viral pneumonia in China, and gave assurances that measures are in place to keep Thailand free of the disease.
— Bangkok Post

Hundreds of tourists evacuated after fire rips through apartment block in Thailand
More than 100 tourists were evacuated this morning (Jan 5) after a fire ripped through an apartment block in a Thai tourist resort.
— Yahoo News

Polls show the public becoming more polarised as Deputy PM says nothing to worry about right now
A number of opinion polls over the weekend have again pointed to a deterioration in the prospects for political stability in Thailand with a poll by the National Institute for Development Administration showing stronger support for an anti-government protest run next Sunday than for a rival pro-government event.

Four killed in Udon Thani family tragedy
A man killed his wife and their two daughters by striking them in the head with a wooden stick before hanging himself in Phen district of this northeastern province on Sunday, police said.
— Bangkok Post

New water storage project to tackle drought
The Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry is planning to build an additional 421 water storage facilities in the fight against a looming water shortage, which is believed will be the worst in 10 years.
— Reliefweb

Thailand’s roads still deadly for the poor
Earlier this week, Thailand’s Transport Ministry revealed that only two days after Thais began their New Year holiday on 27 December, there had already been 974 road accidents.
— The Asean Post

Tech agencies urged to back local startups
A House committee plans to urge the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa), Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) and the National Innovation Agency (NIA) to help local startups thrive in a market now dominated by foreign players.
— Bangkok Post

Several agencies scramble on anti-drought plans
The Office of National Water Resources announced that over 100 dams have obtained less water while the Royal Irrigation Department is yet to administer and manage water resources and hire farmers as workers to raise their income in the face of droughts.
— Newsline (video)

Thailand to host IOI World Conference
Thailand is set to host the annual World Conference of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI), during which it is expected to sign into existence the Southeast Asia Ombudsman Forum.
— Pattaya Mail

Coalition parties prepare for censure debate
Cabinet ministers remain confident that they can clarify all issues in parliament, as members of the coalition government hold talks to prepare for a no-confidence debate.
— Newsline (video)

Folk in capital struggling to stay afloat
The recent global cost of living survey sees Bangkok for the first time among the top 50 most expensive cities in the world due to the baht’s appreciation.
— Bangkok Post

“Taste, Shop, Spend” spending reach 27bn baht during New Year
The Prime Minister’s Office has indicated that spending through the government e-wallet “Paotang (เป๋าตังค์)” app in the “Taste, Shop, Spend” campaign increased significantly during the New Year holiday period, reaching some 27 billion baht in total.
— Newsline (video)

Transport Minister considers 514 billion baht budget for 2021
Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob who chaired a meeting on a 2021 budget with eight agencies and six state firms attached to the Ministry of Transport said the ministry has applied technology for the administration and management of those agencies and state firms, thus calling for an appropriate, reduced budget for personnel.
— Newsline (video)

Government increases public access to marijuana clinics
In an effort to improve accessibility to medical marijuana for patients living around Bangkok, the Ministry of Public Health will increase service days of its Marijuana Clinic from January 6 to every day of the week, excluding holidays.
— Newsline (video)

Salty tap water won’t hurt: MWA
The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority allayed fears of salty tap water in Bangkok and its vicinity by insisting that a small amount of salt will do no harm, though health experts urged people with kidney disorders to be cautious.
— Bangkok Post

Worawi to contest for top FAT office
Former Football Association of Thailand president Worawi Makudi is making a return and will attempt to win back the top position of the national governing body of the sport, his close aide said on Saturday.
— Bangkok Post

DPM Prawit urged officials to maintain national marine resources
Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwon has met with officials to discuss the issue of deteriorating marine resources, calling for cooperation to help restore marine resources.
— Newsline (video)

Shopping in style: Thai consumers get creative after ban on plastic bags
Thai shoppers grabbed baskets, buckets and even a wheelbarrow to skirt a new ban on single-use plastic bags at big retailers, with many posting images of their efforts online.
— The Phnom Penh Post

Mekong sandbanks obstruct cross-border boat services
The lowest level of water in the Mekong river in several decades has caused sandbanks to emerge, obstructing boat services across the border between Thailand and Laos, according to a local report.
— Bangkok Post

Russians fined for sex on Pattaya beach
A Russian couple were arrested and fined for having sex on Pattaya beach in broad daylight on Saturday.
— Bangkok Post

Capt Thamanat to press on with pillow handouts
Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Thamanat Prompow says he will press ahead with his proposal to give away 30 million latex pillows to support rubber farmers hit by low prices.
— Bangkok Post

Parents of 4th Grader Shot by Classmate Say “Shooting Was No Accident”
The parents of a 10 year-old boy shot by a grade 4 classmate in northeastern Thailand are saying the shooting was no accident.
— Chiang Rai Times

Keeping taps from running dry
Thailand has been battling seasonal drought for decades, but this year, the Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) is worried the water shortage may get out of hand because of the potential for conflicts in drought-stricken areas.
— Bangkok Post

Turtle egg thieves raid a leatherback turtle nest in Phang-nga
Thieves have stolen almost all of the eggs from a fresh nest of a rare leatherback turtles along a Phang Nga beach in southern Thailand.
— The Thaiger

Thailand on watch for pneumonia outbreak; screens travelers from Wuhan, China
While China is currently controling an outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, Thailand is closely looking out for it and screening travelers arriving from that Chinese city.

Govt plans biomass power plants using Napier grass from communities this year
The government plans to build biomass power plants with the use of Napier grass supplied by local communities this year, in an effort to create jobs and incomes, stimulate the local economy and strengthen national energy security.

Deputy Interior Minister orders survey of reserve water resources
The Deputy Minister of the Interior has urged the provinces and disaster prevention and mitigation offices nationwide, to survey reserve water resources.

People aware of campaign against single-use plastic bags
Over the past week, the campaign against single-use plastic bags has been well promoted. Various alternative containers have been suggested on social media for use in place of plastic bags, with many clicks on Like and Share.

Uttama prioritises e-payment growth
Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana is focused on expanding the national e-payment system, lifting the competitive edge of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and strengthening the grassroots economy in 2020.
— Bangkok Post

Thermal scanners installed at six airports to halt spread of viral pneumonia
Airports of Thailand Company (AOT) has installed thermal scanners at six international airports, to screen passengers arriving from China, in a precautionary measure to help contain an outbreak of an…
— Thai PBS News

Mystery Phitsanulok prisoner deaths to be investigated
An investigation has been launched into the deaths of four prisoners in the northern province of Phitsanulok over the New Year holiday break.
— The Thaiger

Not all Thais are happy with plastic bag ban
“There are also thousands of street side vendors of drinks, including the most popular Thai iced coffee and Thai tea, which come in a plastic cup, with a plastic lid, with a plastic straw, in a plastic bag.”
— The Thaiger

Why we should care that Isaan’s lakes are green
Harmful algal blooms are turning lakes across the Northeast green resulting in environmental and human health issues.
— Isaan Record

Timor Leste emphasises relationship with Thailand as true friends
Timor Leste’s Ambassador to Thailand, Joaquim Amaral yesterday met with Prime Minister/Defense Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha at Government House, on the occasion of his finishing his Bangkok posting.

PEA hands equipment funding to 77 hospitals
The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) has handed over funds, collected under the PEA Supporting Medical Equipment for 77 Hospitals in Honor of His Majesty the King’s Coronation, to the Ministry of Public Health.

Thai Ombudsman Office to mark 20-year anniversary with international forum in February
The Ombudsman Office of Thailand is slated to host an international seminar to celebrate its 20th anniversary of its establishment. The event will be taken part by ombudsmen from around the globe.

BMA to open Walking Street on Rang Nam Road
The Walking Street campaign, aimed at stimulating the economy and promoting tourism, will expand to Rang Nam Road, a popular tourist destination near the Victory Monument in Bangkok, with the concept of Hotel Quality Food at Street Food Prices.

Cabinet approves regulation of radiation generators; acknowledges World Cup proposal
A meeting of cabinet ministers today (Jan 2) approved three draft ministerial regulations on the possession of radiation generators for medical and diagnostic purposes, and acknowledged the Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ proposal to bid for the FIFA World Cup.

CAT seeks to capitalise on online education
CAT Telecom has entered the online interactive learning platform business to capitalise on the burgeoning trend of e-learning and open the door for those in remote areas to access alternative education.
— Bangkok Post

Tech agencies urged to back local startups
A House committee plans to urge the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa), Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) and the National Innovation Agency (NIA) to help local startups thrive in a market now dominated by foreign players.
— Bangkok Post

BoI pushing Thai firms to South Asia
The Board of Investment (BoI) is encouraging Thai companies to expand their presence in South Asian markets, as many countries need new foreign direct investment in the renewable energy and construction sectors.
— Bangkok Post

Focus on stocks with strong earnings growth
The SET index was largely directionless in 2019. The index hit its high for the year in mid-2019 but gave back its early gains late in the year. The trading range was between 1,543 and 1,748, but the index broke below the 10-year uptrend line and closed with a gain of just 1% from 2018.
— Bangkok Post

For decades, charter amendment has revolved around one thing
Over the past few days, three prominent political figures talked about proposed constitutional amendment.
— Thai PBS News

Pattaya City Police remind local residents and tourists of proper steps to take if you see public indecent acts in Pattaya
Pattaya- Pattaya City Police reminded local residents and tourists on their Thai social media channels yesterday of the proper steps to take if one spots public indecency or obscene acts in Pattaya.
— The Pattaya News

Bag and bike-snatching British man arrested by Pattaya police
Pattaya police have arrested a British man, 39 year old Ben Frost, for the alleged theft of a motorcycle and snatching a bar owner’s bag in Pattaya.
— The Thaiger

Top 10 things NOT to do in Thailand (2020)
There are thousands of things to do in Thailand, on any budget and in a growing number of locations.
— The Thaiger

General Surayud named president of Privy Council
His Majesty the King of Thailand has appointed privy councillor General Surayud Chulanont as president of the Council.
— Thai PBS News

New rules and regulations coming for Tattoo Artists in Thailand
Tattooists are required to get an annual health clearance and to know about proper use and disposal of their tools and waste under a new regulation announced by the Public Health Ministry.
— The Pattaya News

Record numbers flock to Khon Kaen flower festival
A record high of over 300,000 visitors flocked to the annual flower festival in the north eastern province of Khon Kaen this year, averaging around 30,000 a day.
— The Thaiger

Finnish man arrested over Suvarnabhumi bomb threat
Police report that an investigation has been opened into a bomb threat made to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
— The Thaiger

KBank seeks modest home loan growth
Kasikornbank (KBank) aims for low-double-digit mortgage growth this year, driven by online vendors and the freelance market, which offer vast business opportunities with low competition.
— Bangkok Post

‘Bring our daughters home’: The tribal women of Thailand fighting tradition, violence and rejection
Even when Ngamjit Thanomjitdee’s husband fired his gun to threaten her, she did not leave him.

20 People Arrested for Beating up Pattaya Jet Ski Operators
Police said Friday a group of 20 young men and women were arrested after beating up four jet ski rental operators on the popular island of Koh Lan yesterday.
— Khaosod English

Fans of K-pop’s Blackpink superstar Lisa slam Thai cafe owner for lewd comments
A Bangkok cafe drew the wrath of thousands of fans of K-pop girl group Blackpink, following inappropriate comments posted by the owner about a visit from Thai superstar member Lalisa Manoban.

Gazing into Thailand
The Rama IX Museum, dubbed the largest museum in Asean and the largest centre for learning about Thailand’s environment and ecological system, opened its doors to the public last month.
— Bangkok Post travel


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