COVID-19 in Asean: update for June 29 — regional cases top 145,000

COVID-19 in Asean: update for June 29 — regional cases top 145,000
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As of 00:40 GMT June 29 there was 59,128 active cases of COVID-19 throughout the 10 Asean member countries, an increase of 407, or 0.69 per cent, on the day prior. Of this 155, or 0.26 per cent, are regarded as serious or critical. An additional 1,640** people were discharged.

Indonesia continued to record the most number of COVID-19 deaths in Asean yesterday with 34, taking COVID-19 related deaths there to 2,754, while 1,198 new infections pushed the active caseload to 28,320 on the back of 1,027 people being declared as recovered.

In the Philippines eight fatalities yesterday saw COVID-19 deaths there rise to 1,244, while 652 new cases pushed the active caseload to 24,525, of which 149 are regarded as serious or critical. Following treatment 256 people were declared as recovered.

There were no other COVID-19 deaths recorded throughout Asean yesterday.

In Singapore the number of active COVID-19 cases continued to ease on the back of 213 new infections, 11 of which were detected in the community, and 345** discharges to 5,925**, with one patient said to be serious or critical.

Malaysia yesterday saw its COVID-19 active caseload swell to 195 on the back of 18 new cases and 10 discharges, with two people said to be in serious or critical condition.

Myanmar reported six new cases and two discharges to see the active caseload jump to 75, while two new cases in returnees from Malaysia pushed Cambodia’s active caseload to 12.

There were no reports of changes in the COVID-19 situation in Brunei, Lao PDR, Thailand or Vietnam.

Since the first Asean case of COVID-19 was identified in Thailand on January 12 there has been 145,675 confirmed cases recorded in Asean member countries with 82,335 people, or about 56.52 per cent of all Asean infections, having been treated and discharged.

In the past 24-hours the number of COVID-19 ‘survivors’ throughout Asean increased 2.03 per cent DoD, while deaths increased 1.01 per cent.

There has been 4,212 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Asean member countries, representing a case mortality rate (CMR) based on completed cases (number of discharged + number of dead) of 4.87 per cent. Based on the total number of Asean infections the regional CMR is 2.89 per cent.

As of today, June 29, some 40.59 per cent of all confirmed COVID-19 infections throughout Asean remain active.

Asean COVID-19 update to June 29
Asean COVID-19 update to June 29 Stella-maris Ewudolu


**On May 28, 2020 the Singapore government announced that it was adopting a “time-based discharge criteria” under which SARS-CoV-2 positive patients will be discharged 21-days after the onset of symptoms, without the need for them to pass two negative tests 24-hours apart, as had been the case in the past.

Discharged patients will be required to self isolate for another seven days prior to commencing work, but no additional tests were announced as going to be performed on them prior to their return to employment. The active case numbers for Singapore past May 29 should be regarded as a guide only. 


Global COVID-19 cases up to June 29

In the 24-hours to 00:40 GMT June 29 the number of new COVID-19 cases globally reportedly increased by 1.62 per cent day-on-day (DoD) to 10,238,199*, an increase of 163,084* people.

The number of deaths globally attributed to COVID-19 in the past 24-hours increased by 0.69 per cent DoD to 504,078*, an increase of 3,454*.

China yesterday reported 17 new infections and seven recoveries to see the active caseload there jump to 415, while the total number of infections edged up to 83,500, with 78,451 recoveries and 4,634 official deaths.

However, in filings made after the close for June 28, China submitted details of 12 additional new cases taking the active caseload to 418, on the back of nine discharges. At the time of writing China has recorded a total 83,512 COVID-19 cases.

According to the daily tally, Mexico yesterday reported the most number of deaths in the period with 602, and 4,410 new infections. These figures had previously been reported ahead of the June 28 international dateline in Mexico.

In a report again made ahead of the international dateline, Mexico reported 267 deaths and 4,050 new cases for June 29. At the time of writing Mexico has some 63,361 active cases and has recorded 216,852 COVID-19 cases and 26,648 deaths.

Brazil yesterday recorded 555 COVID-19 related deaths to push the total there to 57,658. Reporting the second highest number of new infections globally, 29,313, Brazil now has some 553,748 active cases. There has been 1,345,254 cases of COVID-19 in Brazil with 733,848 people having recovered.

Leading the world for new infections was the USA, again, who yesterday recorded 40,502 new cases to propel the active caseload to 1,415,375, while 285 deaths, the fourth highest globally during the period, pushed total COVID-19 fatalities to 128,437. There has been 2,637,039 SARS-CoV-2 infection in the USA.

India yesterday again recorded the third most number of infections globally with 19,620 new cases and 384 deaths to see total fatalities rise to 16,487, with 210,936 active infections.

The next most number of infections recorded in the previous 24-hours were in Russia, South Africa, Chile, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Peru, and Colombia, who reported between 3,178 and 6,791 new cases each.

Meanwhile, the number of people treated and discharged globally yesterday rose by 96,482*, or 1.77 per cent, over the day prior to 5,549,729.

At the current rate there will be/ have been some 13.4 million SARS-CoV-2 infections by July 15, with some 560,000 deaths.

In the past seven days COVID-19 related illnesses have been blamed for the deaths of 32,696 people.

COVID-19 global tally to June 29
COVID-19 global tally to June 29 John Le Fevre


Global COVID-19 top 30 countries with the most deaths up to June 29

COVID-19 global deaths to June 29
COVID-19 global deaths to June 29 Digital Editor


Global COVID-19 overview up to June 29

As of 00:40 GMT June 29 there was 4,184,392 active cases of COVID-19 globally, an increase of 63,150, or 1.53 per cent on the day prior, of which some 1.38 per cent, or 57,670 people, are classified as in a serious or critical condition.

Based on completed cases (number of discharged + number of dead), the current CMR is 8.33 per cent. On March 15 the CMR for completed cases was 8.0 per cent. As a percentage of total infections the CMR today is 4.92 per cent.

As of June 29, some 40.87 per cent of all diagnosed SARS-CoV-2 infections remain active, while 54.21 per cent of all diagnosed cases have recovered.

COVID-19 global snapshot to June 29
COVID-19 global snapshot to June 29 Worldometers



Feature image Changi General Hospital (CGH)


*Daily figures subject to final adjustment.



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