Wow! Watch Singapore Changi Airport’s incredibly polite baggage system (video)

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Frequent travellers are all too familiar with the sight of expensive travel luggage being banged around on airport baggage carousels. While the sturdy plastic bins that check-in staff deposit some baggage items in protect it on the way to the aircraft (at least until it is out of sight), there is no such protection for the journey back to its owner at the destination end.

The treatment is such that airlines attempt to limit their liability by excluding wheels, handles, locks, zips, or anything else that protrudes from a sleek, smooth, box-like shape which may be torn-off or damaged on their journey from being claimable.

Visitors to Singapore need have no such worries though. The island city-state’s reputation for being well regulated, orderly, and well-structured is legendary, and if the smoothness of the inbound immigration process isn’t enough to prepare visitors for what awaits them outside the airport, the baggage collection process definitely should.

There’s no banging and crashing together of suitcases, foot lockers, boxes, and other containers used by passengers here. This is strictly first-class, VIP, “white glove” baggage delivery at its best.

Rather than tumbling off conveyer belts and sliding across stainless steel decks and being jammed together in a pile, aircraft baggage at Singapore Changi Airport has a smooth and sedate ride to meet its owner.

The original version of the video at the top of the page has received more than 77,000 votes and 1, 000 comments since it was posted to the Reddit group r/oddlysatisfying by contributor Snerrot nine days ago, and been shared in 22 other groups. Commentators are amazed by the precision and ‘politeness’ of the entire  process.

In the 38 second-long video, passengers’ luggage is seen travelling in an orderly and sedate manner along a portion of the baggage carousel where new luggage is being introduced to the queue.

Rather than just being crashed into the baggage stream, the new luggage stops, waits until there is space between existing items, and is slipped in between quickly, quietly and without fuss, helping to ensure that baggage and passenger both arrive in Singapore undamaged.

It is touches like this that make it no surprise that Singapore Changi Airport has been voted the World’s Best Airport by international air travellers for past seven consecutive years — the only Asean airport to make it into the Skytrax top 10 list.



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