Singapore morning news for July 22

Singapore morning news for July 22
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Singapore morning newsCommentary: Employers have obsessed over productivity. They needs to focus on people instead
Businesses need to take extra steps to foster a positive company culture which can enable employees to attain balance in their lives while still being productive, says ServiceNow’s Mitch Young.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Mosquito breeding in homes: 1,200 enforcement actions taken
Some 1,200 enforcement actions were taken against households for mosquito breeding from January to June, even as the number of dengue cases has continued to climb.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Singapore’s full-year growth could be lower than forecast: MTI
The forecast stands at between 1.5 per cent and 2.5 per cent. The revised figure will be announced with preliminary growth estimates next month.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

NUS, NTU and three mega churches are Singapore’s largest charities with business units
The businesses have existed for years, but a spotlight is being trained on charities with subsidiaries as the Commissioner of Charities reviews guidelines.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

‘Canary in the coal mine’: Singapore woes ring trade alarm bells
A plunge in exports and the worst growth rates for a decade have fuelled concerns about the outlook for Singapore’s economy, with analysts saying the figures offer a warning that Asia is heading for a slowdown as China-US tensions bite.
— Bangkok Post

Bigger Aedes mosquito population identified as key reason for surge in dengue cases
The Aedes aegypti mosquito population has increased by almost three times since the last major dengue outbreak in 2013, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Friday (Jul 19) as it outlined some of the key reasons for the high number of cases this year.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited: How Does It Make Money?
Here’s how Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (SGX Y92) brought in its revenue for FY2018.
— The Motley Fool

Business leaders call on govt to help firms help themselves in slowdown
AS THE economic slowdown deepens, some business leaders in Singapore are calling on the government to look at immediate relief measures to help firms rise to the challenge, even as it stays focussed on long-term transformation efforts for the long run.
— The Business Times

Sustainability-linked loans: Next instrument in green financing?
WITH more companies looking towards creating a more sustainable business, finding ways to fund those ambitions have evolved over the years, with sustainable financing becoming a priority in the past year.
— The Business Times

Unravelling the Dark Web: Hacks into hitman sites led to arrest of Singaporean
The plot was uncovered by London-based cyber sleuth Chris Monteiro, according to CBS News’ 48 Hours, which ran a two-part special on the subject, called Click For A Killer, last year.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Mendaki pairs with A*Star unit to help kids starting school
Mendaki has partnered with A*Star’s Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) to conduct tests on young Malay children to better understand the risk indicators and patterns of school readiness at an early age.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Number of babies born in Singapore drops to 8-year low
39,039 births were registered last year, a 1.5 per cent drop from 2017.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Singapore’s biggest defence technology firm ST Engineering aims for bigger global presence
Singapore’s biggest defence technology firm wants to be a major global player, focusing not just on defence capabilities but also smart city solutions.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Commentary: As time runs out on the climate crisis, Singapore prepares to address the cost of adapting
The threat of climate change is long term, the size of the investments concerned could be unprecedented and fundamental shifts in how the Government is structured may be needed.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Applying for Lasting Power of Attorney to be faster, easier
Singaporeans who want to get someone to make decisions on their behalf if they become mentally incapacitated will soon face a much shorter – and easier – application process.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Preparing for a downturn: Amid trade war fallout, Singapore economy has plenty of ammunition
Economists believe Singapore has enough ammunition to roll out measures such as a stimulus package – apart from potentially easing monetary policy – but say there may not be an immediate need for one.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Preparing for a downturn: How manufacturing sector is holding up
Chemicals factory boss Erman Tan recalls how the impact of tit-for-tat tariffs between the United States and China in May came swiftly and suddenly for manufacturers like himself.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Young and not so upwardly mobile
IN 2015, the last time any study of its kind was published, the Finance Ministry looked at incomes of those born from 1978-1982 (aged 37-41 this year) and concluded that inter-generational income mobility in Singapore had remained high.
— The Business Times

China denies conducting ‘influence operations’ in Singapore
The Chinese Embassy in Singapore on Friday (Jul 19) refuted a report alleging that Beijing has been conducting influence operations in Singapore, calling it “absurd”.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Tan Cheng Bock “humbled” by Singaporeans’ enthusiasm as tickets to PSP launch party are fully taken up
Veteran politician and former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock today (19 Jul) took to Facebook to express gratitude for the “warm and enthusiastic response” from Singaporeans as he announced that all tickets to Progress Singapore Party (PSP)’s launch on Sat (3 Aug) have been taken up in “a few short hours”.
— The Online Citizen

The Big Read: Rise of the drones — capable of good and evil, they pose a regulatory dilemma
Experts and drone users say what’s needed is a multi-prong approach to allow drone operators to fly their drones without worries of breaking the law, while tackling the security challenges unauthorised drones present.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Banks still see silver lining in trade financing
ON THE surface, it might seem like a logical conclusion to make that trade financing volumes are shrinking in line with the global slowdown on the back of the US-China trade conflict.
— The Business Times

InstaReM begins major shift towards SME market
FOR the next stage of its evolution, consumer-focused remittance startup InstaReM is going after the potentially lucrative small and medium enterprise (SME) market.
— The Business Times

Timely point for S’pore to reshape economy
The recent slowdown in Singapore’s growth gives the Republic the impetus to further its efforts in restructuring its economy, said labour chief Ng Chee Meng yesterday.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

S’pore’s public transport is more affordable than other countries. Why do S’poreans think otherwise?
We provide the context for the increase and provide a few potential reasons for S’poreans’ frustrations.
— Mothership

Halimah earns 48x more than Istana’s chef while US President earns only 6x of White House’s chef
It was reported that a recent job advertisement placed by the Istana looking for butlers and junior chefs has caused much controversy in social media (‘Istana offering lowball salaries for its butlers and cooks?’).
— The Online Citizen

Two men arrested for allegedly charging elderly woman $40,000 in renovation scam
SINGAPORE – Two men were arrested on Friday (July 19) after allegedly charging an 84-year-old woman more than $40,000 in a renovation scam.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

That cup of fresh fruit juice could contain as much sugar as a soft drink
Watching the fruit juice vendor prepare that cup of apple juice leaves many in no doubt that it is full of nutritious goodness. Indeed, many in Singapore are turning to drinking fruit juices as a healthier alternative to soft drinks.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

The new world of virtual banks: profitability will define success
Progressive regulation is creating open and collaborative ecosystems with both banks and customers moving up the technology maturity scale. With customer sentiment ripe for a new way of banking, virtual banks need to grow at scale, leveraging open, cloud-based platforms.
— e27

Preparing for a downturn: Seeking fresh pastures
For a bright spot amid the economic gloom, look upwards – to a Housing Board multistorey carpark in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

President calls on youth to help vulnerable groups
President Halimah Yacob joined more than 1,000 young people, volunteers from the People’s Association and beneficiaries of the President’s Challenge to play sports, such as street football, basketball and netball, as well as dance at *Scape yesterday.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Preparing for a downturn: How services sector is holding up
When florist Gracelyn Lin opened a second branch of her family’s business in May, friends were concerned.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Momentum in private home sales set to continue
Private home prices in Singapore are currently at the highest in five years, with the official flash estimate private residential index reaching 150.5, the highest since the first quarter of 2014 when the index was 151.3.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Preparing for a downturn: How construction sector is holding up
Things were looking rosier for the once-beleaguered construction sector in the first half of this year, with several big projects launched, but it may not be out of the woods yet.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Enabling meritocracy? Or another weak excuse for People’s Action Party’s centered elitism?
In Michael Barrs 2014 book, “The Ruling Elite of Singapore” he has done a very detailed analysis of our scholarship system. It is interesting to note that up until 2008 just over 96% have gone to Chinese students and 80% of those are attendees of the Raffles and Raffles and Hwa Chong Family of schools.
— The Online Citizen

OCBC survey: Half of sandwiched gen find it tough supporting parents and children the same time
According to a recent OCBC’s Financial Wellness Index survey, the majority of working adults in Singapore are financially unprepared for retirement (‘Most working adults not financially ready for retirement’, 16 Jul).
— The Online Citizen

Brad Bowyer: Is our financial fate in good hands?
Extract from this telling article by Reform Party chief, Kenneth Jeyaretnum. “Temasek’s results were announced on 9 July and they were not a pretty picture. While the Board claimed a 1.5% return for the year to 31 March 2019 this was only after translation into depreciating Singapore dollars.
— The Online Citizen

Police issue warning of cold calls to former investors of failed gold investment companies
Members of the public are warned by the Police about calls targeting former investors of failed gold investment companies such as Genneva Pte. Ltd, Asia Pacific Bullion Pte. Ltd and The Gold Guarantee Pte. Ltd.
— The Online Citizen

Singapore remains on radar of China tourists
CHINA’S economy is slowing down – weighed down by a trade spat with the US with no resolution in sight – but there’s no let-up in its consumers’ wanderlust.
— The Business Times

SATS shares fall 6% after Q1 results announcement
SATS shares fell 6 per cent in active trading on Friday after the airport and food services provider reported a 14.4 per cent drop in its first quarter net profit on Thursday.
— The Business Times

Managing director of law firm fined for scratching man’s car with key
The managing director of a law firm was fined S$2,500 on Friday (Jul 19) for scratching another man’s car with a key, costing him S$3,350 in damages.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Singaporean man appeals to Malaysian High Court in case against to Immigration Department
On 26 March last year, a local man named Wong Chun Khuen pleaded guilty to the Sessions Court in Johor for a charge relating to illegal immigrants. He was sentenced to a fine of RM30, 000 (S$9,915).
— The Online Citizen

‘Lord Voldermort’ insurance agent loses appeal against sentence for threatening clients
An insurance agent who sent former and potential clients threatening letters signed off as Lord Voldermort lost his appeal on Friday (Jul 19) against his jail sentence.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Indranee: 4G leaders will strive to ensure all have opportunities to improve their lives
At a dialogue held by the National University of Singapore’s Social Service Research Centre yesterday (18 Jul), Second Minister for Education Indranee Rajah told the audience that the Singapore’s 4G leadership will continue to strengthen support for those who have less, and strive to ensure all have opportunities to improve their lives.
— The Online Citizen

Primary school clarifies headgear prohibition on Racial Harmony Day, netizens raise pertinent issues surrounding hijab ban in public schools
The prohibition on headgear imposed upon pupils of North Spring Primary School (NPSS) on Racial Harmony Day will not encompass religiously-linked or racially-linked ones such as hijab for Muslim female students.
— The Online Citizen

Singapore must treasure its racial and religious harmony: PM Lee
Singapore must treasure the racial and religious harmony that it enjoys, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, citing how race and religion have sadly become divisive fault lines in many other countries.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Community urged to help chart future of Singapore
The Malay/Muslim community here can play its part in building Singapore’s shared future under a series of engagements to get its views on issues affecting it and the nation, said Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Masagos Zulkifli yesterday.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

How Singapore left its mark on a backwater village in Bangladesh
Singapore is the land of opportunity for many in Baluchar, Bangladesh, where one in three men in the village are migrant workers.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

HK-listed AAC Technologies co-founder buys Leedon Park home
The billionaire co-founder of Hongkong-listed AAC Technologies, which makes miniaturised components including speakers and microphones for mobile devices, is understood to be acquiring a bungalow along Leedon Park for $31 million.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

New Creation Church says it never meant to go into business
The New Creation Church (NCC), which collected $122 million in donations largely from its members last year, said it never intended to go into business.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

More polytechnic graduates reading law, medicine
For decades, law and medicine courses here have been filled with top junior college graduates, but universities say this demographic is starting to change.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Becoming an engineer – without going to university
The typical route to becoming an engineer involves getting a degree first. But this limits the careers of experienced technicians from ITE and polytechnics who can step up.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Man saved from fire in Bukit Batok flat dies in hospital
A 40-year-old man who was rescued from a burning Bukit Batok Housing Board flat in the early hours of last Thursday has died in hospital.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Community care integral to healthcare system, says Heng
Community hospitals that provide intermediate care are an integral part of Singapore’s healthcare system and will play an even larger role in the future, said Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

For sale: Veggies grown by people with intellectual disabilities
Since 2016, Mr Ang Kian Chuan has been hard at work growing vegetables such as kangkong, red spinach and pea sprouts.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

Red Lions to pay tribute to pioneer batch at 2019 National Day Parade
The Singapore Army’s Red Lions will be free falling from 10,000 feet – roughly the height of 50 20-storey Housing Board flats – during this year’s National Day Parade.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

MAS CDO switches to new role of special adviser in AI
THE Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) confirmed on Friday that David Hardoon has relinquished his role as chief data officer (CDO) to take on the newly-created role in MAS of special adviser (artificial intelligence) with effect from July 18.
— The Business Times

NDP 2019: Mobile column to visit 5 heartland areas on Aug 10
National Day celebrations will extend to Aug 10 this year, as the mobile column makes its way from the F1 pit to five neighbourhoods – Jurong East, Woodlands, Bishan, Punggol and Geylang Serai.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Former United World College teacher acquitted of molesting colleague’s wife
A former international school teacher accused of molesting his colleague’s wife was acquitted of a single charge of outrage of modesty on Friday (Jul 19).
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Hongkong Land Holdings Limited Looks Like a Great Buy Now. Here’s Why
Looking for cheap stocks that could help you grow your portfolio? Learn more about why Hongkong Land Holdings Limited (SGX: H78) deserves to be in there.
— The Motley Fool

Dentistry plays a key role in the nation’s healthcare transformation – Chief Dental Officer Dr Chng Chai Kiat
“Caring for the nation has become a top priority for the government,” said Singapore’s Chief Dental Officer Dr Chng Chai Kiat in his opening speech at the 4th Asian Symposium on Advanced General Dentistry on 19 July at Marina Bay Sands.
— The Online Citizen

Maxwell Chambers Suites opens for preview ahead of grand opening
Shutterbugs and heritage buffs were among the first to take a peek into the newly-refurbished Maxwell Chambers Suites on Thursday (Jul 18), two years after the building closed for renovation works.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Investors Can Learn Valuable Lessons on Crisis Management From This Company
Looking at how Boustead Singapore Limited (SGX: F9D) handled crises in the past can teach investors some valuable lessons.
— The Motley Fool

Singaporeans head to fire hotspot village in Indonesia to tackle haze
A Singaporean charity is working with villagers in Indonesia to restore ancient peatlands, seeking to curb the haze that chokes the region every year, organisers said on Thursday (Jul 18).
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

Why I Believe Singapore Exchange Limited Can Continue to Grow
Some investors may believe Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX: S68) doesn’t have much room left to grow, but I have good reasons to believe otherwise.
— The Motley Fool

Defence questions witness’ loss estimate from Prudential agents’ mass defection
DEFENCE lawyers on Thursday questioned expert estimates of the future profits Prudential Assurance Co Singapore would forego when 244 of its agents left.
— The Business Times

Woodlands eighth town to have Malay/Muslim help initiative
Delivery driver Khairul Kamal, 25, considers his toddler’s health and well-being to be his main concern, and hopes a new initiative in his neighbourhood in Woodlands will help young parents like him be more well informed.
— Straits Times (annoying popups)

From Sungei Gedong to Nicoll Highway, prepping armoured vehicles for the NDP stage
Every Saturday, in the lead-up to the National Day Parade, about 170 vehicles from Singapore’s uniformed forces are stationed in the ‘Mobile Column Village’, located just off Nicoll Highway.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

7 things you probably didn’t know about Telok Blangah: Pirates, kings, and a healing spring
A new, free walking tour starting on Saturday (Jul 20) will focus on Telok Blangah’s past and trace the 700-year maritime history of Singapore.
— Channel NewsAsia (very annoying popups)

1 Piece of Great News for CapitaLand Commercial Trust Shareholders
Capitaland Commercial Trust (SGX: C61U) announced a new acquisition in Germany. Here’s why investors should be pleased about it.
— The Motley Fool


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