Hilarious! watch how some Thais react to needles (video)

• This story contains content that may be disturbing to some people

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Any notion that Thais are a race of fearless warriors goes straight out the window in this social media video composition of Thais receiving vaccines, and giving blood samples; with the reactions of some to needles making for hysterical viewing.

The clip begins with a woman about to receive a vaccination. As someone wipes her arm with a sterilising swap she is already hysterical. There is no change in the hysteria level when the needle quickly enters and withdraws from her shoulder.

Next up a young doctor attempts to draw blood from a vein in a patient’s elbow. The patient is clearly not comfortable with the ideo of a needle, pushing the doctor’s hand away. The doctor persists, though with all of the screaming and squirming, it is not surprising she’s having a difficult time inserting the needle.

Next up is what for all intents and purposes appears to be a strapping Thai lad being processed for his entry into the Royal Thai Army (RTA). As one nurse attempts to insert a needle, a more mature, motherly type nurse attempts to comfort him.

As blood is drawn the facial expressions are just too funny to describe. Off camera his buddies shout a mixture of encouragement and light-hearted jibes – and record the event for sharing on social media later.

Next up is what appears to be a Thailand Marine Department (TMD) official whose reaction to a needle causes the people sitting next to him to flee, while his friends are required to firmly restrain both of his arms in order for a nurse to obtain a blood sample from his wrist… the blood curdling scream making it sound like an amputation sans anaesthesia is under way.

While political correctness probably dictates that we shouldn’t laugh, we are sure that you, just like us, will find the reactions of these Thais to receiving a needle so  extreme that you will be unable to control a massive laugh.

First recognised as a phobia in 1994 and estimated to affect at least 10 per cent of American adults, the fear of needles is known by several names, but is commonly termed trypanophobia these days.

While one can’t help but sympathise with people with such a deep-seated fear of needles, it does make for some entertaining viewing. Clearly all anyone wanting to conquer Thailand needs to do is to equip their military with an endless supply of pointy syringes and needles to be thrown and waved at the Thais.


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