Never seen before: Airbus’ big day out (video)

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Aircraft manufactured by the European consortium Airbus Group SE are a familiar sight in the skies above Asean, with some 31 per cent of the company’s worldwide orders to date coming from Southeast Asia.

From the workhorse Airbus A320 to the A380, the world’s largest airliner, visitors to almost any Asean airport would be hard pressed not to see one of the company’s aircraft. Currently there are more than 3,000 Airbus aircraft in service with over 100 airlines across all ten Asean member countries, with another 2,300 on order.

Since the early Airbus A300/A310 models in 1974, Airbus’ presence in Asean has grown along with the region’s rapidly growing demand for air travel.

Today there are 2,200 Airbus A320 family aircraft in service in the Asia-Pacific region, with the company’s aircraft forming the backbone of Asean carriers such as AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Lion Air, Jetstar, Tigerair, VietJet, and Vietnam Airlines. Another 678 A320s are on order. For the larger Airbus A330/A340 family 36 Asean airlines operate 580 aircraft, with another 668 on order.

The newer and bigger Airbus planes have also been snapped by Southeast Asian carriers. Vietnam Airlines was the second in the world to operate the Airbus A350 WXB, a long-range, twin-engine, wide-body jet liner comprising a fuselage and wing structure made primarily of Carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer. Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways International rapidly followed suit, while Philippine Airlines has placed an order for six of the aircraft.

In the video, Airbus takes four of its most popular single-aisle and widebody jetliners – the best-selling A320neo (new engine option); the popular and versatile widebody A330; the new-generation A350 XWB and the double-deck A380 – for a day’s outing.

The four Airbus jetliners gracefully move across the skies in never seen before close formation, the winglets almost touching as they bank and turn.

According to Airbus the video brings together ‘the most modern and comprehensive aircraft family on the market… a family built on shared values of efficiency, quality, innovation and commonality’.

All of those things and more are probably true. To us though the piloting skills and camera work look totally awesome and we’re sure you’ll be as amazed as we were to see these giant aircraft being flown so close to each other.



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