Melee in Chumphon Hospital ER a #fail for Thai junta’s 12 core values

Melee in Chumphon Hospital ER a #fail for Thai junta’s 12 core values
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Thailand Prime Minister Prayaut Chan-ocha’s plan of re-instilling traditional Thai values into the population under his dictatorship might not be going entirely to plan if this video from Chumphon Hospital in southern Thailand is anything to go by.

Posted online by คลิปเด็ดเป็นข่าว (Random News), the video shows the inside of the Chumphon Hospital Emergency Room (ER) where a group of about ten Thai youths have gathered in pursuit of another following an earlier clash at a local entertainment venue.

The group, including at least one member wearing a red handkerchief across his face, storm through the ER pursuing the lone victim through treatment stalls continuing the assault. Medical equipment is scattered as Chumphon Hospital orderlies, nursing staff and what appears to be a lone security guard attempt to seperate the combatants.

Chumphon Hospital representative Chatchai Srinamwong told ThaiRath that the violence broke out in the ER room at 3am Sunday. While no hospital staff were injured in the melee, the hospital says it is examining CCTV footage to see what action it can pursue against the perpetrators involved.

Since seizing power in May 2014 former Thailand army chief and junta head Prayaut Chan-ocha has repeatedly stressed the need for Thailand to return to traditional “core values” and since the second semester last year Thai students have been required to recite the junta chief’s 12 core values each day. A song

Thailand junta chief’s 12 “core values”

  • Love for the nation, religion and the monarchy
  • Honesty, patience and good intention for the public
  • Gratitude for parents, guardians and teachers
  • Perseverance for learning
  • Conservation for Thai culture
  • Morality and sharing for others
  • Correctly understanding democracy that has monarchy as head of the state
  • Discipline, respect for the law and the elders
  • Awareness in thinking and doing things, and following the guidance of His Majesty the King
  • Living by the sufficiency economy philosophy guided by His Majesty the King
  • Physical and mental strength against greed
  • Concerns about the public and the nation’s good more than self interest.



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