#DU30s cutting ties, kissing butt tour (video)

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Taiwanese Animators are calling out President Rodrigo Duterte, whose name is often abbreviated to #DU30 on social media, calling his four-day visit to China his “butt-kissing tour.” In the clip the animators call #DU30 “thin skinned” and naive, showing him first kissing Chinese President Xi Jingping and a panda’s butt’s, before the two later stab him in the back.

It also takes a hard-handed swipe at the quality of advanced Chinese weapons that Philippine President wants to get his hands on, and shows #DU30 throwing a tantrum after being relegated to the child’s table despite his frequent use of ‘big boy’ swear words, while ‘adult’ world-leaders dine and discus real-world matters nearby.

During his stay in Beijing #DU30 made sure he was well equipped for ‘business’, taking along some 250 representatives to try and strike up a few deals, while letting go of some animosity over the South China Sea and “moving on,”

While #DU30 seems to think he is mending relations with China, one could be thinking all he is doing is confusing them… or whether he even knows what he is doing and saying himself some times.

In this clip from Bloomberg, #DU30 clearly announces: “Now I separate from the United States… both militarily but economically as well.” But wait, returning from Beijing and it’s suddenly “not a severance of ties”, he claimed after arriving back in Davao. Apparently full blown separation isn’t the kind of political move #DU30 is ready to take… just yet at least.

As the animators point out, #DU30 is going to strengthen Philippine independence by depending less on the USA and more on China and Russia. The question remains whether China or Russia will be ready clean up after #DU30 once they’ve taken him for walk.

Then again, maybe we’re all taking him too seriously and misinterpreting what #DU30,  the leader of a country of some 98.4 million people,  means when he calls people a ‘son of a whore’. At least that’s what former former evangelist and Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella thinks.

In the wake of the bombshell announcement in Beijing he told journalists “not be too literal” in what they quote #DU30 as saying. We all need to have a little “creative imagination” he suggested; a novel interpretation of what the profession of journalism is about.


Video uploaded to Youtube by Taiwanese Animators



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