Thailand morning news for January 13

Thailand morning news for January 13
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Thailand morning newsPM2.5 levels in greater Bangkok increase
This morning, levels of particulate matter 2.5 micrometers and less in diameter (PM2.5) in most areas of Bangkok and vicinity exceeded the safe threshold of 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

Thousands join Thai anti-government run as political climate simmers
Thousands of Thais participated on Sunday (Jan 12) in a run billed as an anti-government protest, in what appeared to be the biggest show of dissent against the government of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Majority dissatisfied with govt’s handling of water shortage: Poll
A large majority of people are not satisfied with the government’s handling of the water shortages which have hit many parts of the country, saying it is not well-prepared for the situation, according to the result of an opinion survey by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll.
— Bangkok Post

Greater Bangkok braced for more haze
Weather conditions in Bangkok and its surrounding provinces are improving — but the Pollution Control Department on Sunday said it expects unsafe dust levels to return this week.
— Bangkok Post

Leatherback turtle lays eggs on Phuket’s Nai Thon Beach
A leatherback turtle has laid eggs on Nai Thon Beach in Phuket for the first time in six years. All the eggs have been moved to Nai Yang beach in front of Sirinat National Park, where officers are watching over them.

Thousands gather at Lumpini Park to show support for Prayut
About 10,000 people gathered at Lumpini Park in Bangkok on Sunday morning to show support for Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha to remain as the country’s prime minister, according to media reports.
— Bangkok Post

30 million baht of counterfeit goods seized in Sa Kaeo before being sent to Pattaya and other parts of Thailand
A mass raid for counterfeit brand name goods at a market in Sa Kaeo today resulted in a warehouse of seized goods with a reported value of thirty million baht.
— The Pattaya News

Thailand is the leading ASEAN nation in annual suicide rates
“Thailand, which ranks in 32nd place with 14.4 of suicides per 100.000 population – or nearly 10,000 suicide deaths last year.”
— The Thaiger

Bangkok haze and smog continues over the weekend
There is unlikely to be much respite of the air pollution shrouding Greater Bangkok this weekend. And the PM is urging people to inform a hotline of any vehicles belching smoke and fumes into the Bangkok sky.
— The Thaiger

Consumer confidence at lowest since May 2016
Consumer confidence continued to decline in December, to the lowest level since May 2016, as the public fretted over the economic slowdown, mounting political instability and global uncertainty.
— Bangkok Post

DPM Prawit Government to set up national water administration
Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Prawit Wongsuwon has held a meeting on establishing an ad hoc national water administration center to ensure sufficient water supply is available to the general public during periods of drought.
— Newsline (video)

Russian envoy lauds Thai diplomacy
As Thailand’s year-long chairmanship of Asean came to an end last month, the country’s efforts to create a positive and stable environment amid the trade war between China and the United States received praise from Russia.
— Bangkok Post

Five cops in hot water over Uighur escapes
Five immigration policemen face transfer after seven Uighur migrants broke out of a detention cell in Mukdahan yesterday.
— Bangkok Post

Thailand second in the world for bullying among children
Recent data has placed Thailand second in the world for bullying among children.
— Newsline (video)

PM offers condolences to families of victims of Lopburi gold shop robbery
The Government Spokesperson has indicated that the Prime Minister has offered his condolences to families of the victims of a gold shop robbery in Lopburi Province.
— Newsline (video)

Report Reveals More Girls Under 15 Go Missing than Boys
The Mirror Foundation, an NGO which helps families with missing children reports a total of 244 children in Thailand went missing last year.
— Chiang Rai Times

IP license holders being given ID cards to improve claims
Addressing the issue of those assuming the role of license claimants for personal gain, the Department of Intellectual Property has introduced the use of identity cards with Quick Response (QR) Codes for the checking of license ownership with several copyright holders accepting the system for test.
— Newsline (video)

Why is medical marijuana a high ranking priority for Thailand’s military?
South-East Asia is notorious for its brutal approach to policing drug use and production.
— ABC News

Mum’s heartbreak after 2 year old’s murder as police now know the identity of the evil killer
The mother of the 2-year-old Thai boy who was among 3 people shot dead by a deranged gold robber on Thursday in Lopburi has spoken of her heartbreak and guilt at not being able to protect her son.

Over 234,000 MoU workers leave for Thailand last year
Myanmar dispatched over 234,000 MoU workers to Thailand last year, according to the Labour Department.
— Eleven

Debating ‘dictatorship’ and keeping fit
Two political rallies disguised as exercise campaigns take place on Sunday against and in support of PM Prayut
— ThailandToday

Salty water in Bangkok is new ‘reality’ as sea pushes farther inland
Thai authorities are trucking drinking water to parts of Bangkok and urging residents to shower less as a worsening drought and rising sea levels have increased salinity, a growing risk faced by many Asian cities, climate researchers said.

Greater Bangkok Coughs, Squints as PM2.5 Reaches Hazardous Levels
PM2.5 levels are skyrocketing in Bangkok for the third consecutive day Friday according to multiple air monitors, shrouding the capital with multiple potential health hazards.
— Khaosod English

2020 budget bill approved; PM thanks every party
The House of Representatives has cast an overwhelming vote in favor of the 2020 Budget Bill following four days and three nights of debate.

Govt calls on farmers to stop growing rice in off-season
The government has called on farmers to stop growing rice in the off-season to save water for personal consumption.

DLT: Polluting trucks, public transport face fines
The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has stepped up measures to control trucks and public transport with exhaust emissions that exceed safe limits. The measures are designed to alleviate pollution problems.

All agencies take measures to contain PM 2.5 airborne dust
Parents bringing their children to attend National Children’s Day activities could be concerned about PM 2.5 airborne dust in Bangkok and outlying areas, prompting authorities to take action to prevent and contain it.

Insurgent killed in clash with security forces in Narathiwat
A southern insurgent was shot dead and two defence volunteers were wounded in related clashes in Sukhirin district of Thailand’s southern border province of Narathiwat today (Sunday).
— Thai PBS News

Show of force by supporters and opponents of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha
Supporters and opponents of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha attended two separate politically motivated sports events in Bangkok this morning, with each side claiming several thousand participants in attendance.
— Thai PBS News

10,000 Ran Against Prayuth in Bangkok, But What’s Next?
As many as 10,000 people joined an anti-government running event early Sunday morning in Bangkok in what appeared to be the largest political rally since the military seized power in 2014.
— Khaosod English

Guns, tanks and political speeches. Just another Children’s Day in Thailand.
Children’s Day has come and gone for another year. As usual, the media like to follow the Thai PM in the hope of a perfect photo of him and an unsuspecting Thai child.
— The Thaiger

Thanathorn predicts more street protests against Prayut
Leader of Future Forward Party Thanathorn Jungroongruangkit predicted this morning that the Prayut government will face more street protests in the coming months as people are increasingly frustrated with what he described as the “legacy of dictatorship”.
— Thai PBS News

Paperwork cut for migrant workers as registration deadline looms
The authorities have reduced paperwork and introduced online document submission to help migrant workers and their employers beat the March 31 deadline for renewing work permits.
— Bangkok Post

As teen pregnancies soar, Isaan youth calls for better sex-ed
As teenage pregnancies numbers continue to rise, students at Khon Kaen University wonder: What is wrong with sex education in Thailand?
— Isaan Record

Two companies starting EV production
Two car makers will start manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand this year to take advantage of tax breaks, says Patchara Anuntasilpa, the Excise Department’s director-general.
— Bangkok Post

Police issue shoot to kill order in the search for thief who killed 3 in gold heist
A special police task force has been deployed today in the hunt for a lone robber who shot dead three people and wounded four other shoppers in a daring gold shop raid at a department store in downtown Lop Buri province on Thursday night.
— Thai PBS News

Police Hunt For Suspect Who Killed 3 in Lopburi Gold Heist
Police on Friday were authorized to use deadly force on a man who shot dead three people, including a 2-year-old bystander, during a goldsmith robbery last night.
— Khaosod English

Authorities plan to drill 704 more artesian wells
The Department of Groundwater Resources, plans to drill an additional 704 artesian wells to provide more water to supply village-based tap water schemes nationwide.

Master Passport Forger “The Doctor” Speaks to Al Jazeera
New agency Al Jazeera’s 101 East has released an exclusive interview with “the Doctor” the worlds expert in crating fake passports.
— Chiang Rai Times

Teamwork was key to Thai cave rescue, says diver
Canadian diver Erik Brown had the undivided attention of his audience at the fifth Middle East Dive and Fish Expo exhibition in Dubai this week as he spoke about the sensational rescue of 12 boys and their coach who were stuck in the Tham Luang Cave complex in Northern Thailand following flash floods in 2018.
— Gulf News

Thai hill tribesmen open museum for silverware products
A community of Eumian hill tribesmen in Nan province has opened a museum for the display of silverware products.

EGAT offers discount coupons on energy saving appliance purchases
The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has revealed that members of the public will next month have a chance to receive discount coupons to purchase selected electrical appliances with a “Number 5” energy-saving rating, at 14 shopping malls.
— Newsline (video)

Government ready to help debt-ridden farmers and fishermen
Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister, Jurin Laksanawisit, has held a meeting with members of the Farmers Rehabilitation and Development Fund, the Thai Bankers’ Association and representatives of the agricultural sector to discuss assistance for 150,000 debt-ridden farmers.

Police doubt gold robbery was the motive for deadly Lopburi attack
Police and authorities now suspect that the motive for Thursday’s brutal and deadly attack, which killed three, including a toddler, may not have been robbery.
— The Thaiger

Murdered foreign woman’s body found in travel bag on a Sri Racha beach
Chon Buri police are seeking a suspect after the body of a foreign woman washed up in a travel bag at Bang Phra Beach in the province’s Sri Racha district, north of Pattaya.
— The Thaiger

Thai Government stepping up pollution control efforts with vehicle exhaust checkpoints in Bangkok
The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has stepped up measures to control trucks and public transport with exhaust emissions that exceed safe limits.
— The Pattaya News

Fewer areas affected by PM2.5 dust on Sunday
The airborne dust situation in Bangkok and its suburbs saw a slight improvement today, with the levels of airborne PM2.5 particulate falling to 26-73 microns, compared with Saturday’s 92-13 microns.
— Thai PBS News

As search for Thailand mall shooter continues, The Pattaya News remembers the victims
As the days since last week’s terrifying shooting at the Aurora Gold Shop in Robinson’s Shopping Mall in Lopburi press on with the suspect still not in custody we at the Pattaya News wanted to take the time to remember the three victims of the shooting and give our readers a look at their lives.
— The Pattaya News

No end in sight for carnage in deep South, despite peace talks
Despite some positive signs observed in the fight to contain the southern unrest over the past 16 years, there has been little progress in the peace talks between the government and groups linked with violence in the deep South which are seen as a key mechanism in bringing the unrest to an end.
— Bangkok Post

Police widen investigation over mystery foreign woman found dead on a beach in a suitcase in Sriracha, release photos
A foreign woman who was found stuffed in a travel bag on a beach this morning is believed to have floated from elsewhere, possibly Bangsaen Beach, Sriracha police told the associated Thai press this evening.
— The Pattaya News

Teenager injured, deer killed after motorbike collision with wild deer in Sattahip
A wild deer has died and a teenage Thai boy injured after colliding with a motorbike in Sattahip early this morning.
— The Pattaya News

PM wants Thailand and its people to move toward democracy and peace
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today that his government wants to see Thailand and the Thai people of all ages make progress toward democracy together and be free of conflict.
— Thai PBS News

Commerce minister sticking with Middle East trade missions
Despite the US-Iran conflict, Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit vows to proceed with his trade missions to 18 countries, including those in the Middle East, to boost export growth.
— Bangkok Post

Oil Fund scraps 1-baht discount
The Energy Ministry yesterday announced the end of the one-baht discount on eight types of motor fuel, saying US-Iran military tensions were likely to ease and pose little threat to the stability of oil prices.
— Bangkok Post

CPN spends B200m on New Year bazaar
Central Pattana Plc (CPN) and affiliated companies are investing 200 million baht to hold a month-long Chinese New Year event across 34 shopping centres in Thailand and Malaysia.
— Bangkok Post

Lightnet closes US$31.2M in new funding round led by six conglomerates
Thailand-based fintech company Lightnet has raised US$31.2 million in a Series A funding round from six conglomerates, according to a press statement.
— e27

Mahidol University sends scientists to Antarctica
Mahidol University has sent scientists to install cosmic ray measuring equipment in Antarctica in order to study the climate that affects all humans.

PTT organizes “New Generation of Children with Green Heart” activity to mark Children’s Day
PTT Public Company Limited has organized an activity for Children’s Day 2020 which provides knowledge about energy.

PRD promotes culture and environment preservation at Children’s Day
The Public Relations Department (PRD) today opened its contribution to Children’s Day with a parade to campaign for the love of art, culture and the environment.

“Teachers In the Hearts of Students” certificates of honor awarded
Privy Councilor ACM Chalit Pukbhasuk has presided over a recognition ceremony for ”Teachers in the Hearts of Students” certificates of honor, on the occasion of National Teachers Day 2020.

Supreme Administrative Court rules that CP firm can bid for U-tapao project
The Supreme Administrative Court reversed a ruling of the Administrative Court regarding the selection of private firms bidding to participate in the U-tapao Airport development project and Eastern Aviation City project; it delivered a ruling in favor of Thana Holding Co, a firm affiliated with Charoen Pokphand and partners.

National Children’s Day at Air Force headquarters
The National Children’s Day activity at the Air Force headquarters has provided access for children wanting to see weapons systems and equipment.

Government House bustling with visitors on Children’s Day
At the Prime Minister’s office, 2nd floor, Thai Koo Fah Building, Government House, the Children’s Day Event Organizing committee, the Secretariat of the Prime Minister, has allowed children to sit on the Prime Minister’s chair on the occasion of Children’s Day 2020.

5 Uighur escapees recaptured in Mukdahan
Another five Uighur migrants who broke out of a detention cell in this northeastern border province on Friday were recaptured on Sunday, according to media reports.
— Bangkok Post

Monkey in Chonburi found carrying actual firearm
A monkey in Chonburi was found carrying a real handmade handgun this weekend.
— The Pattaya News

Drought prompts Tesco Lotus to increase bottled water production
Tesco Lotus, the Thai division of Britain’s biggest retailer, is boosting bottled water production to help customers cope with drought.
— The Thaiger

Mother and daughter busted for selling meth pills in Thailand’s north east
A mother and daughter are currently in custody after their arrest for selling ‘yaba’, or methamphetamine pills in Kalasin, north east Thailand.
— The Thaiger

Bangkok man charged with girlfriend’s brutal murder
Bangkok police say they finally have enough evidence to charge a man in a murder case dating back to last year.
— The Thaiger

Two motorbike thieves nabbed in Phuket
Two men have been arrested in Phuket last night. They’ve been charged with stealing motorcycles and then reselling them.
— The Thaiger

4 out of 19 missing Rohingya captured after Wednesday’s detention centre escape
4 Rohingya migrants who escaped with 15 others from a Songkhla detention centre earlier this week have now been captured.
— The Thaiger

5 dead, 8 injured as tourist passenger van slams into rear of broken down truck in central Thailand
Five tourists have died and another eight injured after their passenger van slammed into the rear of a parked ten wheel truck that had broken down.
— The Thaiger

Top 10 ways to save our water
Hot weather and Thailand’s boom-or-bust water issues (floods in wet season and water shortages in the hot season) are a part of our life. It’s predicted that there will be hotter hot seasons and wet-seasons with less rain in the future.
— The Thaiger

Opinion: Thailand’s Endangered Political History
It should be clear by now that there is a deliberate and concerted effort to delete parts of Thai political history.
— Khaosod English

Thai opposition leader says he has been charged over huge anti-government rally
Thai opposition party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit has been charged in connection with an anti-government rally he staged last month, he said on Friday after meeting with police.

Slower growth in metro condo prices continues
Growth in the condo price index for Greater Bangkok slowed for a third straight period in the fourth quarter of 2019 as developers capped prices amid a sluggish market.
— Bangkok Post property

Calls mount to ease mortgage limits
Housing market growth in 2020 will get a 2-percentage-point boost if loan-to-value (LTV) regulations for second mortgages are eased, says Krungthai Compass.
— Bangkok Post property

Top 10 predictions for 2020 – ‘Nostrildamus’ gets out the crystal ball
The Thaiger has consulted the mystical fortune teller ‘Nostrildamus’ to forecast some trends and predictions for Thailand in 2020. As he gazes into his crystal ball Nostrildamus sees big changes for the Kingdom in the coming year.
— The Thaiger


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