Thai police red faced as ankle shackles snap & prisoner flees court (video)

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Thai police have been left red faced after a prisoner wearing a heavy steel ankle shackles managed to escape from custody while attending a hearing at the Nan Provincial Court.

In the surveillance video released by Thai authorities above, six prisoners are brought to a prisoner dock by three armed police at about 00:25, for what appears to be a video appearance before a judge. For more than 20 seconds as the prisoners walk in the flimsy steel gateway secured by a simple slide bolt remains unguarded.

As one offender stands in front of the camera, another, identified in local media as a 36-year-old suspected drug dealer, seizes the moment and charges towards the flimsily secured door, his heavy steel ankle shackles flying off his left foot towards the Thai cop standing next to it.

Faster than a ferret down a rabbit burrow he slides the bolt latch aside and is outside running against traffic on the public road… managing to sprint away and fight off the four Thai police in hot pursuit.

Taking advantage of the mayhem a second prisoner who is initially restrained, charges towards the door using his head to knock the policeman standing there aside.

Additional police pour out the door from off-camera, at one point leaving it ajar and unguarded for almost five seconds, before remembering that there were still other prisoners inside watching the unfolding spectacle.

While the second fleeing prisoner was reportedly apprehended quickly, the first fleeing prisoner is alleged to have stolen a motorbike from a nearby temple, for which police say he will face additional charges… once he is apprehended.

According to Khaosod English, a local police commander has ordered an investigation into how the ankle shackles — which are hammered onto prisoners in Thailand — broke, while all police involved in the incident are subject to a police disciplinary hearing.



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