High-speed Thai police chase ends: Saraburi traffic police get their man (video)

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While Royal Thai Police (RTP) might look poorly trained and at times under equipped, overall they have a pretty good clean-up rate, often acting with incredible tenacity – as seen in this video clip posted by the Saraburi Traffic Police to its Facebook page.

According to the post, Saraburi Traffic Police and Royal Thai Army (RTA) soldiers were conducting routine licence-check inspections when a bronze Toyota sedan refused to stop.

In a high-speed chase, Saraburi traffic police Lance Corporal Seksan Phukhiao doggedly pursued the wanted vehicle on his motorbike for more than five minutes at speeds in excess of 150 kph (93 mph).

At one point during the chase, when the fleeing sedan finds its path blocked by an articulated vehicle and a police pick-up, officer Phukhiao fires four rounds from his hand gun into the Toyota’s rear left-side tyre, as an RTP soldier in a pursuing pick-up truck fires at the front right-side tyre.

Undeterred, the pursued vehicle proceeds to crash through the make-shift road block, damaging the police pick-up in the process. The pursuit continues for another three minutes, with officer Phukhiao firing another four rounds at the vehicle’s front right tyre from close quarters.

Saraburi Traffic Police Lance Corporal Seksan Phukhiao refused to allow a fleeing vehicle to escape.
Saraburi Traffic Police Lance Corporal Seksan Phukhiao refused to allow a fleeing vehicle to escape.

The tenacious Saraburi traffic police officer continues the pursuit, even when the fleeing vehicle takes to a dirt road, throwing clouds of dust and stones into the face of the Thai cop.

The chase eventually ends when the Toyota becomes bogged down in the road, its front-right and left-rear wheels running on bare rims.

Inside the vehicle, Thai police found a quantity of the controlled drug crystal methamphetamine, also known as ‘ice’, and a loaded 9mm semi-automatic hand gun. Two men were arrested and are currently in detention.

The police officer involved in the high-speed chase was identified by Police Inspector Yuthapon Srisompong, from the Thai police Crime Suppression Division, who said it was time the Royal Thai Police received more acknowledgement for the work they do and the risks they take, instead of just criticism.

We at AEC News Today agree. The people of the Asean Community (AC) need more dedicated and committed officers such as Lance Corporal Seksan Phukhiao from the Saraburi Traffic Police, which is why we’ve tagged this as a Best of the AEC.


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Originally published as: Saraburi Traffic Police Get Their Man
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