Slap down for media freedom on the streets of Phnom Penh (video)

The assault of a Cambodian reporter at an early morning motor vehicle crash by a police deputy inspector has seen media freedom and abuse of power in Cambodia thrust into the spotlight at the worst possible time. Over the next three months a European Union (EU) delegation will prepare its recommendation on whether Cambodia should […]

Disturbing: Cambodia police shoot land protester in Sihanoukville (video) *updated

As Cambodia heads towards a head-on crash with the European Union (EU) and the United States government over political freedom and human rights, disturbing video has emerged of Cambodia police shooting at protestors in Sihanoukville, in the country’s southwest. Said to have been recorded on January 24, the alarming video,was posted to the Facebook page […]

Riot 101: Vietnam passes on crowd control tips to Cambodia police

Riot 101: Vietnam passes on crowd control tips to Cambodia police

In this Cambodia National Police (CNP) video Cambodian police take part in crowd-control and anti-riot training. Holding shields, throwing smoke grenades, and advancing on mock-protestors armed with sticks and juggling batons, the footage shows the Cambodia police putting their crowd control training such as rapid mobile formation deployment, and the use of snatch squads to […]