Raw milk: Filipino men’s improvisation leaves netizens udderly speechless (video)

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In what is certain to send the mildest germophobic mum into a frenzy a video circulating on social media only adds to the many reasons why leaving infants in the care of their fathers for even a short time is not necessarily such a good idea. On the other hand, if necessity is truly the mother of invention as claimed, the men in the video above deserve top marks.

Believed recorded somewhere in the Philippines, where it is circulating on social media, the video shows two men and a cow in the middle of a barren field… and an infant suckling directly from the cow’s teat. The cow doesn’t seem to mind and neither does the infant, crying out for more when removed from its source of nourishment.

While the first thing any motherhood book or websites will stress is the paramount importance of cleanliness and sterilisation for the health and well-being of new-born babies, somehow we here at AEC News Today doubt that the men in the video would know how to pronounce Milton®, let alone know where to buy it.

Similarly we doubt whether the men in the video above have ever heard that it is widely agreed that infants shouldn’t graduate to pasteurised cow’s milk before one-year of age due to it not containing the nutrients found in breast milk; though in the absence of anything else, grabbing the nearest  passing cow is one way of soothing a screaming infant in dire need of sustenance.

According to some comments left under the video the consumption of raw milk by infants in the provinces is nothing new. Globally the sale of raw milk is banned in some countries, such as Australia, Canada, and Scotland, while in the USA some 20 states either fully or partially ban its sale.

Many Filipino netizens have criticised the man, particularly over the apparent lack of hygiene, while others haven’t commented on the dangers of consuming raw milk. For us here at AEC News Today we’re more concerned about what method will be used if the infants diaper needs changing before its mother returns.


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