Web addicted rat snake terrorises Thailand internet cafe (video)

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Patrons of a Thailand internet cafe no doubt wished they were almost anywhere else last Saturday afternoon after an almost two-metre long Indo-Chinese rat snake burst its way into the premises, biting one youth on the bum before heading straight for its favourite workstation.

In the video above a Thai youth walks towards the door of an internet cafe in the central Thailand province of Ang Thong, talking to his friends along the way.

As he cracks open the door to leave the video switches to an outside camera view where what has been identified as a Indo-Chinese rat snake (Ptyas korros) (Thai: ngoo sing baan) slithers with lightning-like speed from behind some trash bins, up the wall, and through the opening in the door, biting the startled youth on the bum.

In a scene befitting a Thai soap-opera, the interior of the internet cafe instantly erupts in an explosion of energy as people leap, jump and fall in all directions, the snake getting no arguments from the youth sitting at what appears to be its favourite spot.

Another camera shows the shop clerk first climb onto her seat, before heading through a door at the rear of the store.

Found all over Asia, the Indo-Chinese rat snake is said to prefer a diet of rodents, frogs and lizards, versus Ang Thong Thai youth butt. Non-venomous to humans, the Indo-Chinese rat snake is active (very from the video) during the day, and are generally regarded as timid, fleeing quickly if if able, but also prone to biting quickly..

No additional information is available on what happened to the web surfing serpent, but one imagines that the local volunteer rescue group would have quickly attended and returned the Indo-Chinese rat snake to a more suitable habitat, leaving the Thailand internet cafe customers with an awesome tale to tell their mates.



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