Thailand ‘Tarzan’ caught on video: naked and wild in Bangkok (video)

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There are very few surprises one encounters on Bangkok roads. Vehicles on their side or roof, elephants, armoured vehicles, construction plant and equipment dropped from Italian-Thai Development Plc, construction sites, and (in the past) whistle-blowing protestors, are all grist for the mill. A Thailand Tarzan though? Just when you thought you had seen everything up pops something new.

Thailand commuters heading on one of Bangkok’s busies roads received a surprise during the week with the Thai equivalent of Tarzan caught on video, naked and wild in Bangkok.

In the video above a vehicle waits to enter Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, a ‘superhighway’ running through Bangkok from Din Daeng to Pathum Thani. With up to six lanes in each direction in places, plus a multi-lane frontage road, it is also the main road to the city’s Don Mueang International Airport.

Behaving somewhat less calmly than Sir David Attenborough when confronted with a new species for the first time, the woman driver catches a unique (even for Bangkok) scene with her cellphone’s camera… a Thailand Tarzan, naked and wild.

After first appearing to try to pull the wheel off of a public minivan, a man of unknown ethnicity then appears to either place, or smear, something onto the windscreen of the vehicle stopped behind. He then crosses the road to the fast lane of the frontage road before going full Tarzan and running up the front of a stopped public minivan, the driver no doubt wondering: ‘WTF?’.

As the woman taking the video starts to lose any semblance of control, the Thailand Tarzan then sprints across the roof of the minivan before leaping onto the hood of a taxi stopped behind, running across its roof, leaping to the ground, and then clambering up the front of another minivan and similarly running across its roof.

After dismounting the minivan the Thailand Tarzan is last seen casually strolling across four lanes of traffic back in the direction of the wilds of Bangkok suburbia, where his antics will become just another urban legend in a city full of ‘legends’.



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