Thailand English-language News for October 20

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In Thailand English-language News for October 20, 2017, Newsline presenter Sandra Hanutsaha tells us about:

00:54 | Saowaree Aumpasuwan, director of the Administration System Development Group (ASDG) has provided guidelines on what those attending the royal funeral can and can not do, wear, or take to the event.

03:35 | Glyn T Davies, US ambassador to Thailand, has led embassy staff to lay garlands of marigolds in respect to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

06:05 | Books about the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej are among the best-sellers at the 22nd National Book Fair. The 42nd edition of Thammikkarachathikun, published by the Thai Encyclopedia For Youth Project and featuring a 240 page pocketbook capturing the late King’s work to preserve the country’s culture, traditions, and royal ceremonies has seen 20,000 orders placed for the 30,000 volumes it plans to print.

07:50 | The government remains vigilant on measures to control flooding in the upper part of Thailand despite rain in the region easing.

09:00 | Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department (RID), Dr Somkiat Prajamwong, tells Newsline about measures being implemented ease flooding in Thailand.

16:36 | The First Army Area has held a workshop to teach those participating in royal funeral ceremonies around the county how to correctly dress. Newsline takes a look at the 16 traditional uniforms worn during the royal funeral ceremony.

23:16 | Thailand has extended more help to assist in the recovery of the Rakhine State shrimp farming sector  within the framework of the Thailand-Japan-Myanmar cooperation plan. This will help increase the income of Myanmar’s farmers and stabilise the economy of the Rakhine State.

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