Dog gone uber pooch (video)


Despite the advancement of animal rights over the years it’s still fairly common to see domesticated and traditionally undomesticated animals performing entertaining shows at pageants, entertainment venues, or even in the wild. Not much is known about this video except that it was shot in Saraburi, one of the central provinces on the east side of the Chao Phraya river valley in Thailand.

Home to Thailand’s dairy industry, Saraburi hosts Thailand’s annual National Dairy Cow Festival, the biggest event in Thailand for professional dairy cow farmers. Other locally products include sweetened beef, salted beef, and seasonal fruits such as Nong Saeng mangoes, oranges, custard apples, pomegranates, dragon fruit, and grapes.

Apparently shot late at night a car pulls alongside a motorbike driven by a dog.

Sitting nonchalantly at the rear of the motorbike, which appears to be travelling at about 60kph (37 mph), a man enjoys a leisurely ride home safe from any breath-testing police checkpoints.

The lack of helmet for chauffeur or driver might be a problem, as might be the matter of a driving licence – though these are usually small matters in Thailand that are easily and quickly remedied on the spot by an exchange of banknotes. However, first the Thai police would need to actually notice that something wasn’t quite right and according to recent reports from the kingdom that might not be guaranteed.

Whether the quick acting videographer inadvertently stumbled upon a secret Uber training project designed to train the next generation of drivers that cannot be penalised by city officials who object to the company’s business model or not is unclear. But Uber Pooch does has a nice ring to it. (We suggest turning down your computer’s volume setting prior to playing.)



Feature video Phattharatorn Naksep



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